Saturday, 1 October 2011

My inspiration

for my AI project idea is...

This picture below is my timetable, though for some reason it's been shrunk a fair amount...
(click me for bigger version)

Yeah, that little guy there annoys me to no end, just look at the positioning! I could of had another whole day off (too work 'n' stuff), say just move it down bit, or up a bit... you know...

The real issue here is travel, traveling into uni for one hour session can be problematic for certain people living at home or traveling from out of the city.

Although it's what triggered me having this second project idea it's not really the issue I want to address, this is:

Cramped classrooms! (Not Asian children if you got the wrong idea.)

and this:


At our university it seems we have two sessions a week on the exact same thing, but people are only timetabled to one of them. You would expect this means the amount of students would be half and half in each session, from what i've seen it's far from it. Either our lessons are cramped or half empty.

I mentioned in a previous post this as a possible project idea involving my A.I. (Atrificial Inteligence) module to solve some varying attendance and timetable allocation problems.

Some of my idea:
  • System attempts to bring sessions as close together as possible to allow more days off
  • An online form to request swapping sessions
  • Automated allocation/request denial depending on sessions student ratios
  • Attempts to keep friend groups together from previous tutor groups and project (friend groups registered online?)
Maybe some of these ideas would be difficult to impliment at first but I have my theories on how I could make it happen. I hope.


Leeds royal armoury!

On another unrelated note I went to the royal armories with my girlfriend today so she could do some research for HER 3rd year project and I got a picture with some elephant armour! (You can see that picture on my next entry!)


I expect to be losing a few classmates to this in the next month or so...

Youwill be missed... 

(Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 are being released within a month of eachother...)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reflection and progression!


So my original idea has basically been done before by Fitocracy.

Screw these guys... (give me an invite!)

Luckily they have done a few things differently which I am planning on commenting on.

Firstly they're an invite only system so I sadly can't even test it myself, but this is also a good thing it means there is an apparant difference to my plan off the bat!

Secondly their focal point in making fitness feel like a video game or MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), anyone who's heard of Warcraft knows this is an addictive feature. Which is why I plan to include a points system for that factor but not to make it the focal point possibly even optional.

Lastly I plan to keep my project on a smaller scale and decided (sport) student exclusivity might give the product a better potential market rather than aiming global like Fitocracy.

Artificial Intelligence

The future yo!

After my first session in this subject today I came up with a solution to an issue that the actual university seems to have, which is being incapable of allocating students to a good timetable, with two running sessions a week for a module, one has 40 people in and the other has 10. This isn't down to the students choosing this is actually how they have been allocated...

I came up with the solution, which is probably pretty obvious at this point. I want a system which reallocates student timetables to create more fitting numbers per session.

I'll go into more details on specifics, possabilities and scope next time when i actually have some.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Year 3 Project

 You Fitness

I've been tasked with coming up with three viable ideas for my final year project in the next week.
So far I only have one idea, which directly relates to one of my favourite hobbies. Weight lifting.

A lot of people interested in fitness come to, or even rely, on the the internet for routines, correct form and even motivation.

I presonally even found that certain forums and websites on the internet have been what I needed to originally really get involved in health and fitness in general. One piece of advice I recieved but sometimes found difficult to follow was to track and keep record of my lifts and weight.

Then came my first project idea...

I wanted to create a system in which people can log their routines, workouts, progress and statistics. This would be a program that uploaded this information online to be accessed anywhere and possibly by selected friends also using the software.

I feel there is a fair amount of scope for this idea due to the various aspects of fitness and the various ways people would want to access this information.

Computing Side Summary:
  • Downloaded program
  • Information stored online
  • Mini Cloud system
  • Personal Account login system
  • Friend and chat system

Content Possibilties:
  • Facebook intergration, show your friends your progress
  • Google map intergration, keep track how far and where you ran or cycled
  • Mobile phone versions, for easier access in the gym or on the move
  • A progress system, recieve rewards or achievments for milestones and progress

At this point it's difficult to judge if this project is original or in depth enough to really help me achieve the grade i'm aiming for. There's also the issue of similar systems do have been created before, some on a smaller scale and some on a larger scale, Fitocracy.

All of them typically have alot of differences form this project. Taking into account this is only my first idea in the first week back at university I think I can call it a start.