Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reflection and progression!


So my original idea has basically been done before by Fitocracy.

Screw these guys... (give me an invite!)

Luckily they have done a few things differently which I am planning on commenting on.

Firstly they're an invite only system so I sadly can't even test it myself, but this is also a good thing it means there is an apparant difference to my plan off the bat!

Secondly their focal point in making fitness feel like a video game or MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), anyone who's heard of Warcraft knows this is an addictive feature. Which is why I plan to include a points system for that factor but not to make it the focal point possibly even optional.

Lastly I plan to keep my project on a smaller scale and decided (sport) student exclusivity might give the product a better potential market rather than aiming global like Fitocracy.

Artificial Intelligence

The future yo!

After my first session in this subject today I came up with a solution to an issue that the actual university seems to have, which is being incapable of allocating students to a good timetable, with two running sessions a week for a module, one has 40 people in and the other has 10. This isn't down to the students choosing this is actually how they have been allocated...

I came up with the solution, which is probably pretty obvious at this point. I want a system which reallocates student timetables to create more fitting numbers per session.

I'll go into more details on specifics, possabilities and scope next time when i actually have some.


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