Monday, 26 September 2011

Year 3 Project

 You Fitness

I've been tasked with coming up with three viable ideas for my final year project in the next week.
So far I only have one idea, which directly relates to one of my favourite hobbies. Weight lifting.

A lot of people interested in fitness come to, or even rely, on the the internet for routines, correct form and even motivation.

I presonally even found that certain forums and websites on the internet have been what I needed to originally really get involved in health and fitness in general. One piece of advice I recieved but sometimes found difficult to follow was to track and keep record of my lifts and weight.

Then came my first project idea...

I wanted to create a system in which people can log their routines, workouts, progress and statistics. This would be a program that uploaded this information online to be accessed anywhere and possibly by selected friends also using the software.

I feel there is a fair amount of scope for this idea due to the various aspects of fitness and the various ways people would want to access this information.

Computing Side Summary:
  • Downloaded program
  • Information stored online
  • Mini Cloud system
  • Personal Account login system
  • Friend and chat system

Content Possibilties:
  • Facebook intergration, show your friends your progress
  • Google map intergration, keep track how far and where you ran or cycled
  • Mobile phone versions, for easier access in the gym or on the move
  • A progress system, recieve rewards or achievments for milestones and progress

At this point it's difficult to judge if this project is original or in depth enough to really help me achieve the grade i'm aiming for. There's also the issue of similar systems do have been created before, some on a smaller scale and some on a larger scale, Fitocracy.

All of them typically have alot of differences form this project. Taking into account this is only my first idea in the first week back at university I think I can call it a start.

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