Saturday, 1 October 2011

My inspiration

for my AI project idea is...

This picture below is my timetable, though for some reason it's been shrunk a fair amount...
(click me for bigger version)

Yeah, that little guy there annoys me to no end, just look at the positioning! I could of had another whole day off (too work 'n' stuff), say just move it down bit, or up a bit... you know...

The real issue here is travel, traveling into uni for one hour session can be problematic for certain people living at home or traveling from out of the city.

Although it's what triggered me having this second project idea it's not really the issue I want to address, this is:

Cramped classrooms! (Not Asian children if you got the wrong idea.)

and this:


At our university it seems we have two sessions a week on the exact same thing, but people are only timetabled to one of them. You would expect this means the amount of students would be half and half in each session, from what i've seen it's far from it. Either our lessons are cramped or half empty.

I mentioned in a previous post this as a possible project idea involving my A.I. (Atrificial Inteligence) module to solve some varying attendance and timetable allocation problems.

Some of my idea:
  • System attempts to bring sessions as close together as possible to allow more days off
  • An online form to request swapping sessions
  • Automated allocation/request denial depending on sessions student ratios
  • Attempts to keep friend groups together from previous tutor groups and project (friend groups registered online?)
Maybe some of these ideas would be difficult to impliment at first but I have my theories on how I could make it happen. I hope.


Leeds royal armoury!

On another unrelated note I went to the royal armories with my girlfriend today so she could do some research for HER 3rd year project and I got a picture with some elephant armour! (You can see that picture on my next entry!)


I expect to be losing a few classmates to this in the next month or so...

Youwill be missed... 

(Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 are being released within a month of eachother...)

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